June 17, 2020

Google begins censoring right of center blogs

This is frightening Big Tech Big Brother news.

Google is cracking down on two right-wing outlets that violated its policies on content related to race, and could permanently revoke the outlets' ability to make ad revenue.

Google determined that two unaffiliated sites, ZeroHedge and The Federalist, violated its policies by failing to moderate their comment sections to remove hateful content, NBC News first reported.

A Google spokesperson told Business Insider that the two outlets failed to remove hateful or bigoted comments from their comment sections. Google has pulled ad revenue from ZeroHedge for failing to comply after being notified of the violation, the spokesperson said, but The Federalist is still within the window to comply with Google's policy before being blacklisted from ad revenue.

NBC News had initially reported that both sites were demonitized, citing a Google spokesperson, but Google later clarified that ZeroHedge has lost access to ad revenue while The Federalist was only given a warning.
Free speech is just becoming a quaint notion.  Google owns everything, they allow left wing commentaries that are absolutely vile.  But if you are right of center, even mainstream like The Federalist, you are on notice for closure. 

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