June 1, 2020

Arguing with socialists, COVID-19 and George Floyd

Last week on Facebook I got into a bit of an exchange with an uncle of mine who had drifted towards socialism over the years.  He posted a meme congratulating New Zealand on successfully eradicating cases of COVID-19 and claiming that that was real winning.  

I of course came at his meme with facts and pointed out a number of false comparisons in which he was participating - the isolated nature of New Zealand compared to the United States, the minuscule population as compared to the United States and the fact that they achieved it in large part due to closing their borders - something president Trump was derided for doing early on in the pandemic's spread.

It didn't matter, despite the facts he kept coming back.  He blamed Trump supporters for ignoring recommendations.  I pointed out that (1) you cannot blame a leader in a free country for his supporters' actions if they contravene his recommendation to continue to social distance and more egregiously, (2) those people out protesting and even rioting and looting in the name of George Floyd's death as a result of poor policing were  most definitely not Trump supporters.

That was followed by - silence.

If they cannot refute the facts, they go away and come back on another issue because facts don't matter to the ideological left.  All that matters is the ability to rant and throw blame.

By the way, with all these protests and riots, what happened to social distancing?

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