May 4, 2020

YouTube, Suzy Lu, content and free speech

YouTube has managed a particular situation poorly.  The details of the case itself are important only insofar as they are indicative of how YouTube will interact with any content publisher as well as complainant when it comes to copyright and cyberbullying or harassment.  The best way to put it is inconsistent.

A redacted (yes, redacted) background video on the Suzy Lu YouTube copyright situation.  Keep in mind this is not about her, it's about how YouTube reacted to the situation (which is past half way into the video but the prior parts provide context, albeit in an anti-Suzy-Lu way (no judgement either way, that's not my point here)).

YouTube's reversal of the channel termination is odd.  It would seem as though the views matter to YouTube more than copyright violation - in this case at least.

Free speech is being impacted and YouTube is slowly, continuously sliding into the realm of publisher instead of a platform:

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