May 15, 2020

Where is the China Exit Strategy?

China has become a global problem as well as an American problem.  They have moved down the path towards being a global military threat.  They have embarked on a predatory mercantilist style of economic imperialism not just in Africa, but also Europe, the Americas and the rest of Asia.  They conduct espionage on a grand scale as well regularly manipulate their currency and steal intellectual property on a similarly massive scale.  Not to mention they have suppressed their own people with both propaganda and physical force. All of this is done by various Chinese entities in thrall of the oppressive, imperialist, expansionist communist regime or by the communist party itself.

Make no mistake, China has become a menace on global scale in the last 20 years in particular.  It has become more evident to some due to the at-a-minimum secretiveness around COVID-19. But it has not opened the eyes of enough people.  Because all the while this has become more and more evident both Republicans and Democrats in America as well as leaders in other nations around the world have shortsightedly chosen to enable China rather than thwart their evil global ambitions. No one seems to look beyond their own short term interest enough to see China as the bad actor that they are on the global stage.

How much do we need to see before we wake up?  If you are not "woke" to this you are part of the problem.

A holistic China Exit Strategy is needed.  With president Trump leading it has been apparent that European countries are willing to join American leadership on some issues.  Not only does the world need a military containment strategy, removing economic and intellectual ties or at least returning them to a balanced reasonable level is necessary and should be the objective. 

Supply chains cannot be moved overnight but they must be moved.  Not everything needs to come back home, there are other countries willing to trade with the U.S. fairly. 

While it's necessary, it won't be easy.

But that's only part of the solution.  A robust policy of trade in high technology goods is need.  Immigration, employment, and education all need monitoring, restrictions and controls put in place.  Chinese hacking needs to be aggressively countered, worldwide.  Chinese immigrants require a different level and type of scrutiny than others.  Embargos may be necessary.  COVID reparations should be provided to affected countries.  World Trade Organization membership needs to be reviewed.  And a pacific counter-alliance between America, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and potentially other regional nations would be timely.  An alliance of both an economic and military nature would be best.   A jointly funded and managed alliance unlike NATO would provide a level of military and economic security long overdue. 

It's become crucial that president Trump wins the 2020 election because he is the first president since before Richard Nixon to recognize the threat and to want to do something about it rather than have America be the frog in the slowly boiling pot of water as communist China rises at the expense of the rest of the world.  American leadership, and the provision of a liberty and fair, capitalist alternative to free stuff from China are critical now.  It cannot be ignored any longer, we do so at our own peril. 

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