March 4, 2020

Bloomberg drops out

So Bloomberg has dropped out and endorsed Biden.  Clearly he was the Democrat Establishment Plan B, and appears to be no longer necessary.   More strikingly, he appears to know it.  It's odd given his speech last night seemingly geared to carrying on.  So he was never a wildcard, he was always a Plan B.  It proves that the Democrat Establishment wants to court socialist voters but doesn't want them to share in the power.

They view socialists, youth, Hispanics, labor, African Americans, women all as useful idiots that they can trick into supporting them so they can continue to consolidate their power.  They have no interest in maintaining America.  They are entirely, ENTIRELY, about self-interest.  American workers, their supporters, indeed all Americans be damned.  Cheap labor in China or Vietnam or through illegal immigrants all serve their desire for profit.  It is a distorted version of capitalism that ultimately will kill itself as they buy their way to power with free handouts and eventually socialism wins not just in America, but everywhere.  They feed the beast to serve their own interests and they end up being eaten by the beast they have nurtured.

But I digress.

It seems like, as I mentioned earlier, that Bloomberg dropping out serves Biden quite well.  Don't expect Warren to drop out if it is indeed an Establishment play to go all in on Biden.  They want Sanders out, she siphons voters from him.  Although if it becomes too transparent and they risk alienating the Sanders voters she may be prodded to leave as well.  She's an Establishment type masquerading as a progressive.  At least it seems so.  It's either that or she truly believes the ridiculous platform positions she's taken.  She may actually believe she's American Indian - so there's that.

In any case, Sanders route to the nomination just got more difficult, but no matter what, Democrats are still the underdog to win back the White House.

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