November 25, 2019

Michael Bloomberg enters the race, crickets ensue

Nobody outside of Michael Bloomberg's immediate family want him to be president, and I can't even say with certainty that his family want him to win.  It might just be him.  Democrats have moved so far left that because he's a billionaire he will be despised by Democrat voters and attacked by fellow candidates.

Of course conservative voters want nothing to do with the man whose platforms and policy positions are simply inane.

But Bloomberg has one thing going for him.  Actually, it's billions.  If he wins it will be because he spends his way to victory.

Let me say this now: He will not win.  He won't win the presidency and he won't even win the nomination. He cannot spend his way to victory.  Hillary Clinton tried to spend her way to victory in 2016.  She failed.  She did not engage voters or even the media.  Maybe Michael Bloomberg will learn from that and back up his money with engagement. But, uh, a video of him sitting in what seriously looks like a wheelchair saying he is entering the race is almost creepy and does not bode well for that theory.  He looks all of his 77 years.  He does not have president Trump's energy or the charisma level of a potted plant.

He won't win the primary.  His candidacy is being portrayed as a panic situation by the Democrat establishment by Republicans but if that's true the person hurt most will be Joe Biden, whose candidacy is probably dead in the water already.  This is so bad for Democrats you almost have to wonder if it's a Republican idea.

If Bloomberg has to wage war on other Democrat candidates to have a chance of making waves in the crowded candidate field, it will get messy.  And no matter who emerges they will be so badly damaged that they won't be able to win. As a conservative, this announcement is good news.

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