November 25, 2019

Media want to destroy the messenger, Devin Nunez

I woke up this morning and Headline News was playing on my television. Trust me, that was an accident.  The story they were breathlessly reporting was that Republican Devin Nunez, a brilliant and stalwart defender of president Trump as much as a shiner of light onto Democrat lies and corruption (my words not theirs), was trying to work with Ukrainians to dig up dirt on Joe Biden.

Turns out it is so false, that Devin Nunez is going to be taking CNN to court.  

Interestingly the Headline News (A CNN company) had the same Fox graphic showing in their story but were positioning it as though Fox News too were reporting the Devin Nunez bombshell in the exact same way.  If you watch the video, the point of the interview was exactly the opposite point of what HLN was saying. The depth of the media lie is shocking.

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