November 27, 2019

Democrat strike three coming soon

Strike 1: the final release of the Mueller report flopped for Democrats.  No collusion.

Strike 2: Adam Schiff's Ukrainian impeachment hearing made voters shift away from favoring impeachment.  Adam Schiff is the perfect way to turn any voter watching him off.  He's arrogant, not smart, secretive, untrustworthy and weird looking.  But then again he balances all that out by being abrasive, so I get why Democrats thought he could handle a public hearing. Wait, what?

What do sane Democrats (if there are any at this point) want next?  Surely not a strike 3, right?  RIGHT?


Jerry Nadler is going to be the final nail in the coffin of Democrat chances for not only the presidency in 2020, but also for Congress.  Democrats it seems did not learn from the Republicans' failure to impeach Bill Clinton in the Senate in 1998.  Nor did they learn from their own recent two strikes on Trump impeachment.  They want another swing at the ball.

Now Jerry Nadler is no Adam Schiff, but he's still Jerry Nadler.  That is to say he's a step up from Adam Schiff but he needs to be about 20 steps up, and he's not.

The Democrat strike three is about to happen.  It is remarkable that they are going to go through with this folly.

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