May 4, 2019

Saturday Learning Series - Defending Capitalism (Part 7)

How do you know capitalism is the right way to go?  Look at the list of those who seek to discredit or destroy it.  To know someone (or something), know it's enemies.

Osama Bin Laden:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

If you never believed that power doesn't corrupt, her pronouncements about being the boss should convince you that power does corrupt, and since socialism centralizes power and power corrupts, advocating socialism is akin to advocating corruption. But I digress.

All of communism:

communists, continued:


Atheism (since it's aligned with communism):

It's an odd mix, I know.  But there are a lot more enemies of capitalism: there's a long list that consists of dictators, entitled sensibility people, and a whole host of useful idiots.  With all of that aligned against capitalism, it must be right, right?

Well, a list of detractors (negative negatives) does not prove the positivity of capitalism, even though it doesn't hurt.  In fact, many of the biggest positives about capitalism are what capitalism is not.  It's not authoritarian. It's not sloth-inducing.  It's not inhumane.  In a way it's a list of negative rights as former president Obama said, which is to say it enumerates what the government is not allowed to do rather than things the government must do.  But that's not the whole story - capitalism enables the opposite of those things; freedom, drive to succeed (along with the opportunity to do so where not impeded by government regulation) and through the invisible hand, selfishness as a tool to serve the greater good.  In the latter example in particular, it is absolute brilliance.

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