May 8, 2019

CNN is in it's death throes

CNN has been at the vanguard of trying to get alternative media (like YouTube) shut down.  This is particularly true of conservative media pundits.  This indicates to me that the thrashing about of CNN's death throes are driven both by financial considerations and ideological considerations.  In other words, it's the unfocused thrashing about of an organization that does not understand why it is dying, or perhaps even that is indeed dying.

death throes noun
Definition of death throes
: the violent movements and noises that are sometimes made by a person who is about to die
//The opera ends with the hero in his death throes.
—often used figuratively
//the death throes of a failing industry

Tim Pool discusses layoffs at CNN, which it (fairly) calls 'buyouts', knowing full well that the layoffs are still to come.

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