February 5, 2019

Fake News exposed

I've been swamped with personal things the last month or so and have not been able to post very much.  I have a lot of good essay-type writing planned that I just have not gotten around to doing. 

But I don't want to leave my blog dormant so I'm going to try to fill the gap until my life returns to a normal pace with videos and links to important material.

Today, a video showing how the media jumped the gun on the Covington teens in their haste to attack president Trump and his supporters.  They apologize, they don't care, in fact they so want their narrative to be true, anything that refutes it gets ignored.

This is the tripe that passes for information.  This is the decayed and toxic state of the mainstream media today.  When you see the truth you have to question every narrative they provide as potentially fake news.

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