November 1, 2018

Midterms Matter: MI 6, please vote for Fred Upton

Fred Upton represents Michigan's 6th district, for good reason. Fred Upton is known as a sincere, hardworking leader who listens to all perspectives, supports our Midwestern values, and achieves results for Southwest Michigan. Fred's focus remains on passing important legislation to encourage job creation, protect taxpayers, help our community and enhance the quality of life for everyone in Southwest Michigan and throughout our country. In addition, he's no lightweight, he's served in president Ronald Reagan's Office of Management and Budget.

His opponent, is a charlatan. Literally:

Meanwhile, Fred Upton is leading on issues that matter.

The choice seems perfectly clear; support Fred Upton. For more information check out his website. Please support him in the next 5 days - donate, volunteer, and it is imperative that you vote.

Thank you.

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