October 9, 2018

Want a laugh? Try Wikipedia

On the right, we've pretty much come to accept Wikipedia is part of the fake news problem.  In researching a post earlier I came across a link on uber-liberal Google to uber-liberal, politically biased Wikipedia and an entry on climate change denial.  Rather than being an entry that discusses reasons people, including scientists, might have issues with climate change, particularly human-caused climate change, the entry simply tries to denigrate the denial and prove that deniers are running in the face of overwhelming scientific consensus and are being driven by corporately funded, evil, conniving corporations with a vested interest in continued destruction of the earth.

If it weren't so laughable it would be enraging.  I'm not even going to add a link to the article.  If you want to see it search for "climate change denial Wikipedia".  I'm sure you'll find it because Google likes to push stuff like this in their search results.  

The good news is that Wikipedia is no longer considered a reasonable source of information and apparently is bleeding readership. Call it fate.

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