March 7, 2018

Turnstile White House not necessarily a bad thing

A lot of people look at the Trump administration and see a lot of firings and resignations and think it's a sign of chaos.  But it's not necessarily a bad thing. The specifics of the reason for the latest resignation aside, people often remain around long after their specialized talent or value is no longer needed.  In essence, president Trump may be operating from more of a business model approach than a government bureaucracy style.  

He may be bringing people in and using them like contractors for specialized tasks and afterwards replacing them with people suited to the next task.  

Clearly that has not always been the case for this president.  In the beginning there was indeed a lot of turmoil around the comings and goings. And there have been disagreements both personal and professional.  But the departure oh Gary Cohn seems more like a plan.  He's a free trade advocate in the administration of a president who is threatening trade wars (clearly as a negotiating tactic), and his presence belies the threat.

The resulting market turmoil is a byproduct of the reaction to a different style of leadership; it's not  used to rapid changes and that can be unsettling.  But the turnstile administration may turn out to be a more effective model than the bloat which has preceded it for decades.

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