March 13, 2018

Tillerson out at State: doesn't mean much, but...

President Trump has fired Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State today. In minutes Tillerson will be on CNBC talking about it.  It seems they had opposing views on a few issues, most notably Iran, which is difficult given the upcoming talks on with North Korea's Kim Jong Un.  

The firing doesn't mean much as president Trump seems to hire and fire as needed - it's his way of doing business.  But, the Tillerson response is a potential wildcard.  Regardless of that the Left will return down the path of Trump's White House is too chaotic.  It could influence some low information voters. Then again, Tillerson may not have anything bad to say and might even use the opportunity to shore up the president's stature. We'll see.

Some of us however, might feel that a bit of chaos is exactly what D.C. needs.  How do you shake things up without breaking a few eggs along the way?

UPDATE: Tillerson read a prepared statement and did not take any questions, it was very professional.  It might be the last we hear from him on this, or perhaps he simply felt this was not the time to discuss politics and to focus on the transition of his authority and role.

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