February 19, 2018

Mitch, let's hope it's your seat we lose

This is absolutely disgusting and reprehensible. What a defeatist attitude on display by Mitch McConnell:
A new interview with Mitch McConnell this week showed the first cracks in the wall of his optimism about the midterms. While not going down a path of gloom and doom, he no longer sounds positive of breaking a long-standing trend of the party in power losing ground in such scenarios. He’s not coming out and saying the GOP’s majorities in both chambers are toast, but he seems to think they’ll be losing seats.
There is no reason to think that, but if you do think that, (1) you plan to counter it, forcefully and (2) you do not say it out loud - not to your caucus let alone the media. Stupid, stupid, stupid.  And weak.  Weakness is a bad thing in case you're not sure.

This idea that Mitch McConnell is some kind of a parliamentary genius is idiotic. Michael Goodwin had an article last month about how president Trump is teaching Republicans how to fight. Let's just say his approach does not include retreat, surrender, capitulation or showing signs of weakness (it's worth reading in it's entirety, here).  Mitch McConnell clearly has not read this article, and if it wasn't too late, I'd suggest he read it.  Mitch McConnell looks weak - now more than ever. Really weak. Jeff Sessions weak. Say what you will about Nancy Pelosi (let me help you with some ideas on that - she's an idiot, she's out of touch), but at least she does not retreat - even from stupid, untenable positions. McConnell could learn from her if he's still afraid of learning from president Trump.

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