December 21, 2017

Socialist Pope Decries Bureaucracy

The Guardian has this story:
Pope Francis has rebuked Vatican colleagues in a Christmas message, denouncing the “cancer” of cliques and how bureaucrats can become corrupted by ambition and vanity.

“Reforming Rome is like cleaning the Egyptian sphinxes with a toothbrush,” Francis told cardinals, bishops and priests who work for him on Thursday. “You need patience, dedication and delicacy.”

The pope acknowledged there were competent, loyal and even saintly people working in the Holy See. But others tasked with helping to reform the Vatican’s inefficient and outdated bureaucracy had shown themselves to be not up to the task.
Interesting. Donald Trump was sent to Washington to drain the swamp. Pope Francis dislikes president Trump (as a president at any rate). But now he's faced with his own bureaucratic resistance. I wonder if he sees the irony.

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