December 7, 2017

Oh Jerusalem

The media is once again apoplectic over something president Trump has done.  He's declared that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. That's something previous presidents have promised but not delivered.  Yet the media claim this upends the peace process.

They are referring  to same peace process that has seen no lasting peace in the region really since 1947. How this supposedly derails it when it's been off the rails since forever, isn't clear to me.

They are referring to the change as 'radical' even though it pales in comparison to president Obama's recognition  and attempt to normalize relations with the brutal, communist, dictatorial regime in Cuba.  A change which garnered if anything, praise in the mainstream media.

Israel has always treated Jerusalem as its capital.  Many in the Middle East view Israel as the enemy and used the peace process as a way to stymie anything to do with the nation's interest.  This changes nothing other than letting Israel know that America stands beside its ally.  Pretending to be a neutral peace broker was always a farce.  No country is truly neutral. Yes Switzerland, I'm looking at you.

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