December 26, 2017

Democrats, please nominate this guy for 2020

If the Democrats nominate Bill De Blasio for the presidential nominee for 2020, they guarantee their loss in the presidential race.  The only problem, a lot of Democrats realize it already.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio seems to believe he is destined for great things. He even traveled to Iowa earlier this month, and although he's flatly denied that he is eyeing a run for president, the mayor has signaled in interviews that his sights are set on much more than just his city.

There's just one problem — many Democrats have no interest in seeing him run. "They think he's smug," Politico writes, adding: "The rap on de Blasio is that he likes to make a lot of noise but doesn't like to do a lot of work, that he has an oversize sense of his own importance."
Nevertheless he could do a lot of damage to other Democrats in the primaries and that in itself is worth the effort.

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