December 19, 2017

Bloomberg belatedly recognizes Obama's alternative facts on Iran nuclear deal

Everyone with any modicum of intelligence knew that the Iran nuclear deal was horribly bad.  Everyone except president Obama and the mainstream media.  Bloomberg belatedly has figured out the truth; Obama's deal was a bad deal and the American people were being peddled a lie to sell a horrible, horrible deal.

It's not just bad, it's this bad:
When the Obama administration sold its Iran nuclear deal to Congress in 2015, one of its primary arguments was that the agreement was narrow. It lifted only nuclear sanctions. America, President Barack Obama told us, would remain a vigilant foe of Iran's regional predations through sanctions and other means.

Thanks to stunning new reporting from Politico's Josh Meyer, we can now assess these assertions and conclude that they are … well, "alternative facts."

Meyer reports that while the U.S. and other great powers were negotiating a deal to bring transparency to Iran's nuclear program, top officials in Obama's government dismantled a campaign, known as Operation Cassandra, intended to undermine Hezbollah's global drug trafficking and money laundering network.

A few months after the implementation of that bargain in January 2016, Operation Cassandra was ripped apart. Agents were reassigned. Leads and sources dried up. Bad guys got away.
The Politico story is so bad, that yesterday I linked to it but didn't comment because I could not believe how truly terrible it was.  It's getting harder to ignore though that this actually seems to have happened.

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