December 19, 2017

70 record Dow closes in one year under president Trump

The  Dow Jones Industrial average (DJIA) has closed 70 times at a record high in 2017, under president Trump - a record year after having risen from just under 20,000 in January to now on the edge of 25,000. A banner first year for the for the president on the stock market front, with a 25% DJIA rise. Impressive

President Trump himself had this to say, via Twitter;

Granted, even Trump himself said that the Dow is not the bellweather of the economy. But it most certainly an indicator as well as robust GDP growth and decades-low unemployment. Liberals will say it was a delayed reaction to president Obama's economy. President Obama had eight years to fix things, and they're willing to believe he fixed it in his ninth year. But they are right, it is a delayed reaction to Obama's economy; it's a realization that the Obama economic malaise is over. It's all good news.

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