July 3, 2017

The power of the presidential tweet

The president can tweet for good, the problem is that the media will not mention it because it's not part of their narrative.
News of President Trump’s tweet in support of a brain-damaged baby sentenced to death by the United Kingdom was largely absent from the home page of establishment media sites early Monday.

Outlets including ABC, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post opted instead to feature continuing coverage of a day-old tweet from Trump Sunday morning that escalated his war with the media. These outlets, in particular CNN, have been providing wall to wall coverage of Trump’s recent tweets about the media, at the expense of other stories.
So there's that. But no Russia, no Trump is a monster. It won't get coverage, so like other conservative places on the web, I'm sharing because it is fair to know.  Additionally, the president is specifically offering to help. If the media were to pick up the story, maybe something could be done by medical personnel in America.

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