July 27, 2017

Suddenly Lindsey Graham has guts?

Useless Republican Lindsey Graham threatened 'holy hell' if president Trump fires Jeff Sessions.  What a time to grow a pair - standing athwart the president on this issue.  Why not have some guts on Obamacare or tax reform or the border wall?  No.  Just stand up to president Trump.  That's just great.  Graham represents everything wrong with senate Republicans in 2017.  There's no marriage to voters, only to a former senate colleague.  He's personifying the old boys club mentality that is what voters are sick of seeing.  Not just Trump voters, but voters in general.  It's seriously sickening.

Ironically this RINO represents the solidly conservative state of South Carolina.  He needs to be primaried ASAP, if ever there was a chance to make the senate more conservative.

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