July 1, 2017

Poor poor pitiful me(dia)

Awwwww. The poor media is being beaten up by president Trump from his bully pulpit. We should all feel sorry for them because the president, unprovoked mind you, has relentlessly attacked them. Uh, yeah, that's the story.  The media has not only had a hate-on for the president since he became the Republican nominee, they have lied about him, they have colluded with Democrats to destroy first his candidacy and now his presidency.

What the media is not accustomed to facing, is a president who is not obsequiously knuckling under to them and kowtowing to their demands.  What they fail to realize, for the most part, is that they continue to chatter inside their own echo chamber and that the more they try to vilify the president the less harm they do him and the more harm they do themselves. The media is perceived as partisan and corrupt and with revelations by Project Veritas the suspicion continues to grow.

It's been argued by some pundits that president Trump is playing the media but I have not seen it explained.  Even media on the right often latch on to the president's tweets.  Therein lies the savvy; the president announces an energy independence strategy and then tweets something about some media personality (in this case the hosts of Morning Joe) and everyone says he's off message.  But the media take the bait and the policy announcement becomes page 35.  Regardless, the policy announcement does not go away. It just becomes less 'visible'.  That likely is the president's strategy.  If you know how the media is going to react, you can use it to your advantage.  Not only does president Trump distract the media from attacking his policies (which they would, were he say Jeb Bush), but he also keeps the media on the hot seat as an enemy of the people, which helps his voter coalition's focus on the need to turn out for 2018 and for 2020. 

President Trump is winning, and the media still don't get it.

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