April 4, 2017

Susan Rice scandal could unravel Democrats for good

The breaking news, changing by the hour that Obama administration official Susan Rice was involved in the potentially (but probably not provably) illegal collection of Trump inner circle information ('wiretapping') and subsequently very illegal unmaksing and then leaking to the media of supposedly damning information, is too young to either verify or quantify with any degree of certainty.  But clearly there is something to this story.

Briefly first off, here's a synopsis of the bombshell:

If this proves to be true to any degree, how Democrats as a party survive the scandal, particularly since it would likely be tied to both the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign. With senate and congressional elections coming in 2018, a black eye on ethics would not only stiffen the spines of Republican voters and Trump voters, it's not going to energize those on the left. And it goes beyond just the Democrats. Their advocates continue to dig their own graves in the blind belief that their team is as pure as the wind driven snow. I'm looking at you Chris Cuomo. We're taking names and shills like you don't deserve to be employed - period. I will personally crusade to see you and your ilk at CNN politically, and media-wise eviscerated for this and other, similar past transgressions. Outright lying to your audience or at a minimum willingly blind to the truth disqualifies you from disseminating information to the public you fake news hack.

Chris Cuomo - you are a crooked scheme. You are fake news. You have outed yourself as non-impartial to use language like that, and regardless of the eventually revealed truth you are a partisan hack and not worth of the mantle of journalism, even as tarnished as it already is.

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