November 2, 2016

Was the FBI investigation the final straw?

Hillary Clinton's campaign seems to be imploding.  From James Carville melting down to finger pointing among everyone to her poll numbers tanking even faster than they were before the news broke last Friday, the Clinton campaigns seems to be (so far) unable to stop the slide. And with only 6 days to go until election day, it seems like she may not be able to recover.

Poll tightening might be replaced this week with polls widening in Donald Trump's favor.  The turnaround in their respective fortunes has been remarkably swift.

Was the FBI investigation being reopened the final straw?  It could be.  But there's more coming still.  With the WikiLeaks Donna Brazile fixing the primary debates to help Clinton, even Democrats seem to be getting sick of the cheating and corruption.

But don't expect a straight line of Trump success and/or Clinton decline.  They won't go quietly into that good night.  But on a macro level they might be out of ideas.  It might come down to how they can cheat the system.  That's par for the course for Clinton, and clearly the Democrats too, because it's their standard operating procedure clearly. The meltdown temper tantrums might just because they don't like getting caught and called out for it.

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