November 29, 2016

Try replacing George Zola with Ass Hat

I don't consider myself part of the Alt-Right, although they do have a number of laudable political positions.  What they are NOT, are White Supremacists, White Nationalists or Racist Bigots.  Any movement can contain idiots, but the bigotry that truly pervades comes from those who label them as any of the above.

What Alt-right really represents or means is conservatives who are fed up with being marginalized and are fighting back.  The messed up response from the progressive left?  Lay it on harder:
But activists have warned that the phrase “alt-right” is simply a sanitized rebranding of “white nationalism” and conflating the two has dangerous implications.

That’s why a New-York based advertising professional, who is using the pseudonym George Zola, created a Google Chrome extension called “Stop Normalizing The Alt Right,” which automatically replaces all mentions of the “alt-right” with the phrase “white supremacy.”
That is bigoted, simplistic and other-idea-phobic.  It's the work of an ass hat.  I apologize for my vulgarity, to everyone except someone who is using that synonym. He, or she, deserves it for being so juvenile.

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