November 5, 2016

MUST SEE: Huma Abedin, foreign agent?

I had a non-American friend who years ago, pre-9-11, applied to join the FBI while living in the United States.  After two years of vetting and background checks, his application was finally declined.  It would seem that there are a lot of security checks in place when dealing with non-Americans who want to serve in American government.  That seems entirely reasonable, defensible and in fact prudent.  

But there is clearly a by-pass to all of that; simply attach yourself to a powerful political person who doesn't seem to care about national security and wait until she runs for president.  In the case of Huma Abedin, it doesn't hurt her ascendancy that she was born in America, probably avoiding some of the normal security questions that would be encountered.

After watching the video, you'll begin to wonder why Hillary Clinton wasn't so robust in her embracing of Abedin as a personal aide. The connections, and implications,  are shocking.  That someone with connections to organizations and people as anathema to liberty and democracy can get so close to the seat of American power is chilling.

Snopes claims to have debunked the video, however, Snopes is a liberal website with biased views.  Clearly the links are easy to investigate for yourself.

On the plus side, a number of websites are indicating that Huma Abedin has flipped favoring her personal liberty over her cause, and is cooperating with the FBI investigation.  Whether that is accurate is not yet clear. However if it is true, it should be enough to entirely derail Hillary Clinton's bid for the White House as well as potentially the goals of those closely connected to Abedin herself. 

That is, if it even gets reported.

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