November 1, 2016

It's time to end early voting

It's time to end early voting.  Yes, people could change their minds based on new information that arises after they've voted but before election day, but that's not the real reason it needs to be stopped. Early voting does offer some benefits that cannot be ignored, but the negative possibilities vastly outweigh the potential benefits unless a smarter, more robust methodology is employed to do so. Today, that is not the case.

A system that relies on honesty, integrity and impartiality has inherent weakness. Democrats for decades have been using the inclusivity argument to their advantage for years.  It's true when it comes to illegal alien naturalization and it's true when it comes to voting 'rights'.   The argue that people don't need identification to vote.  They argue that whatever it takes to enable easier voting should be the law of the land.  That includes early voting.  We already know that Democrats are prepared to cheat to get their wins, and possibly more than any other voting rights discussion, early voting enables them to do that.  

Early voting effectively widens the window for Democrats to cheat - to stuff ballot boxes - without eyes on them by election monitors.  Having to dedicate election monitors to every polling place is tricky enough if it's on one day every four years.  But expand that to 46 days (in some states early voting commenced as early as September 23rd this cycle), and consider the logistical nightmare by political parties trying to find qualified, dependable and honest polling place monitors for that long, for as many counties as the nation requires.  It's clearly not happening as voter fraud issues continue to pop up.  Giving Democrats as many as 46 times the number of opportunities to cheat is a kneecapping of democracy and it should not be allowed to continue stand ('not allowed to stand' should not be in the same sentence as 'kneecapping').

There are plenty of potential issues with voting machines, mail-in or absentee ballots going missing or a trunk full of ballots mysteriously showing up to change election outcomes, to have a serious re-think of the neutrality of the entire process. But anything that expands the window that allows Democrats to stuff ballot boxes with dead voter ballots has got to be the number one item on the radar of those seeking fair elections. It's curious that more liberal leaning states are predominant in seeming to favor the earliest early voting dates.  

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