November 9, 2016

An Obama surprise & Hillary true to form

Much ado has been made about Hillary Clinton's gracious concession speech.  I didn't see it - she sounded quieter but still shrill.  She seemed like she was still seething underneath the surface.  Franky I'm glad we don't have to hear from her - she was not only an ersatz candidate, she was also an ersatz politician and Secretary of State.

By contrast, there was Obama.  I am far from a fan of Obama, and this impression might be tempered by the circumstance in which it was delivered, but I thought it was likely his most gracious speech of his presidency. Yes, there was a bit of revisionism in it but it was his most inclusive speech since he told Republicans that he won and they were not getting the keys to drive the car back.

Of the two, Obama seemed to better grasp the emotion of the moment; Hillary Clinton is still looking to grasp emotions outside of bitterness and anger.

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