August 10, 2016

Donald Trump did NOT suggest 2nd Amendment voters assassinate Hillary Clinton

This is beyond ridiculous and it shows how far the media and Clinton voters will go to twist the truth or distort the obvious in order to steer the election to Hillary Clinton.

If you are a second amendment supporter you know that it meant to get out and vote in numbers to stop Hillary Clinton from winning the presidency.  That's how I took it.

Look at the sentence that precedes it - if she gets elected and gets to appoint judges there's nothing you can do.  Well, yes there is - make sure she doesn't get elected.  The second amendment comment was to single out that voting block.

If you are a Clinton supporter, stop lying to yourself and others. At a minimum you are guilty of a confirmation bias.  I'm sure you assume Trump is so beatable that any other Trump pronouncement should be enough to tank his chances of winning.  If you need to lie to win, look in the damn mirror and ask yourself who you are as a person.

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