January 12, 2016

State of the Union - I'll pass. Iran, not so much.

I'm sticking with my earlier advice to Republicans and conservatives - the president is no longer relevant, ignore him.  Best case scenario, I watch his last State of the Union with glee that it's his last one and hope to see someone shout "LIAR!" at him. Ah, nostalgia. But even if I do that, I won't blog about it.

I'd rather blog about my prediction regarding the escalation of tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and Iran's attempt to drag America into the conflagration by taking American sailors hostage. President Obsequious won't bite on that though - he's too cool.  And by too cool, I mean too cowardly and too aloof to care about American servicemen (and women).

Smart move for Iran, getting some human shields in the face of a Saudi hard line on them.  Saudi hostages probably wouldn't make a difference.  The way Obama negotiated with Iran on their nuclear program, they'll probably be released in exchange for America agreeing to defend Iran against a Saudi invasion.

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