January 18, 2016

Get Ready for Stupid, UK style

The British parliament is set to vote tonight (ET), to ban Donald Trump from its soil.  I'm not sure they all realize that he might become president of the country's biggest ally.  But it isn't really about that is it?

As Allahpundit at HotAir points out;
Assuming that actually banning Trump is off the table, what’s the point of today’s debate? Those who follow British politics regularly would know better than I, but I assume that it’s mainly about making Cameron’s government uncomfortable — not only will they have to grudgingly defend admitting Trump to the UK so as not to create awkwardness with Americans but they’ll have to distinguish the decision not to ban Trump with previous decisions to ban other controversial speakers. One Muslim MP from Labour is eager for that discussion...
It's all about optics. Classic Left tactic. But pass or fail, this is stupid.  Should Trump become president, he doesn't seem like the type to forget this stuff.

While I'm not sure I want to see Trump as the GOP nominee,  anything the left and liberals do to alienate him, I'm good with.  The more they spend time attacking him, the harder he will attack back, and the less attacks there are focused on Rubio, Cruz, Carson, Christie et. al.  Trump is running cover for other Republicans both at home and abroad.  Should he not eventually win, think of all that ink, punditry SuperPAC attack money gone to waste while another winner emerges with months of liberal attacks wasted.

That makes me happy, because the stupid on the left will have paid dividends on the right.

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