November 4, 2015

How the Washington Post sees the GOP wave of victories yesterday is, unsurprising

The Washington Post warns the GOP, don't assume you actually won, really:
But, but, but: Turnout was VERY low across the country. Republicans could over interpret the results at their own peril. The presidential election, exactly one year way, will have dramatically larger and more diverse turnout, which works against the GOP. Serious structural problems persist: the Grand Old Party is still too white, too male and too old. Hillary Clinton’s political director, Amanda Renteria, tweeted a photo of a “Vote Here” sign overnight and wrote: “Wish more people did this today.”
Another landslide, another fleet of excuses. There's no doubt the GOP have a tougher row to hoe during a presidential cycle. But that's less true if there isn't charisma at the top of the Democratic ticket (i.e. Bill Clinton or Obama, not Hillary).

The old saw about too white, too male is garbage.  Compare the Democratic nominees to the Republicans.  The GOP has as many women candidates, more Hispanic and African American candidates, more outsiders and more youthful candidates. 

Hopefully Democrats take solace in the fact that traditionally, presidential cycles favor them, and they rest on their laurels, while the GOP takes heed. The GOP always needs to work harder - fair weather or foul weather - than the Democrats to get the same results. So they should do just that.

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