November 30, 2015

Establishment GOP taking down Trump. Not.

Lou Dobbs had a recent editorial concerning The GOP establishment and their reasons for wanting to take out Donald Trump.  I'm not exactly for Trump, and I'm not exactly against the GOP, but I do agree that establishment Republicans are not more than marginally better than Obama or Hillary Clinton and we cannot condemn ourselves to another Bush 41, or Bob Dole type candidate.  It's a recipe for failure, either as a party or a movement, or in the unlikely event of a presidential win, as a country.

The leap from Trump winning the nomination to Hillary becoming a shoe-in as the next president has never been explained. Why is he a sure-fire loser against Hillary?  The electorate who would reflexively vote for Hillary includes a number of people who might reconsider, if Trump were the nominee.  That's definitely not so for a Jeb Bush or Kasich nomination.

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