September 22, 2014

Occupy zombies moved to global warming cause

The Occupy Wall Street movement has morphed into a suspiciously timely anti-global -warming movement right before the U.N.'s latest climate conference and startlingly close to the midterm elections. 
The timing is nothing short of suspect  not only because of the U.N. or the elections where liberals are.desperate to get some sort of issue to stick with liberal voters enough to get them to the ballot box this November but also because it just so happens that belief in the global warming cause is flagging and the summer was kinda cold. 
The effort to re-establish the validity of the global warming cause conjoined with the effort to turn out the liberal base for the midterms dovetails quite well.  Too well to be a coincidence.
If I were one of the useful idiots out there marching against Wall Street I would be more than a little curious as to whom it might be behind the scenes organizing the march.

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