July 28, 2014

Obamacare returning to earth like space shuttle Columbia

Too soon?

In 2003 NASA, America, and humanity suffered a loss when the space shuttle Columbia broke apart, piece by piece as it returned to earth.   foam strike on the wing during takeoff doomed the craft and crew as Columbia was exposed to intense heat that melted it's structural integrity and disintegrated the craft in a horrifying display as it attempted to return to earth.

Over a decade later, in the days following the Halbig Supreme Court decision, Obamacare seems to be experiencing a similar fate, albeit at a much slower pace.

The Halbig decision has already experienced some fallout. The architect of some of the Act's language has been caught not once but twice obfuscating on indications that the Act was deliberately designed with the specific faulty language that had led to the court's decision.  This issue is not going to go away quickly because the flaw means that some sort of change to Obamacare will be required.  How is that going to happen with a Republican congress and potentially a Republican senate come election time?

The analogy doesn't end there. The culture at NASA prior to the accident was one that minimized safety.
Several people within NASA pushed to get pictures of the breached wing in orbit. The Department of Defense was reportedly prepared to use its orbital spy cameras to get a closer look. However, NASA officials in charge declined the offer, according to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) and "Comm Check," a book about the disaster... 
Besides the physical cause – the foam – CAIB had a damning assessment about the culture at NASA that led to the foam problem and other safety issues being minimized over the years.
The similarities to the culture among liberals with Obamacare - minimizing the issues - are stark. For example, they argue that the Act`s legal problems are not important. They dutifully point out that two courts reached two different conclusions and arguing that the Halbig conclusion is wrong.  Minimizing the problem was part of the institutional issue at NASA; minimizing the problem seems to be an institutional problem with the liberal mindset as well.  

More pieces will break off of Obamacare in the months and years to come.  Once a complex system starts to come apart, it can`t simply go back together, especially mid-flight.

The same fiery Columbia experienced conclusion awaits Obamacare.

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