April 28, 2014

Racist L.A. Clippers Owner, Democrat

No time to post today but I want to help point out that the media is all too willing to jump all over Cliven Bundy as a racist because he seems like a Tea Party type.  But as soon as a racist comment comes out a high profile rich guy, MBA team owner, who happens to be a Democrat, you have to go to a conservative website like National Review to get the subtext that racism is not a political problem, it's a personal problem.

Via NRO:
L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling, whom commentators have tried to tie to the Republican party after his alleged racist statements, is in fact a Democrat, according to campaign-contribution records.

Sterling is in hot water after TMZ released recordings purporting to be a weird psychosexual rant he directed at girlfriend V. Stiviano, accusing her of publicly associating with black people. The highly offensive comments have drawn condemnation from across the National Basketball Association as well as from many other sources; and inevitably, attempts have been made to link him to the Republican party. These appear to be based on campaign contribution records for a different Sterling, who lives in the state of Texas. Clippers owner Donald Sterling lives in Beverly Hills, has a long history of bigoted behavior in his Los Angeles business dealings, and according to a 2011 RealGM report, was a very occasional Democratic donor in the 1990s...

At the American Power blog, Donald Douglas has an extended discussion of Sterling’s donations to liberal causes and the left-leaning commentators who have lauded him in the past. At the time TMZ released its recording, Sterling was scheduled to receive a lifetime achievement award from the NAACP.
Unfortunately, a Democrat who is a racist goes against the meme that Democrats are the enlightened ones and conservative Republicans are mouth-breathing Neanderthals. Racists can exist in any political stripe. Just as those who oppose gay marriage may have a political issue but they aren't saying vile stuff like Alec Baldwin did. At least the left called Baldwin out on his slurs. But after showing up with the right people at the right event, Baldwin's image will be as right as rain. The same can't be said for anyone on the right. 

Double standards.

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