February 13, 2014

Thursday Hillary Bash - The forgiveness begins

Earlier this week I made note of the Free Beacon article about Hillary Clinton as ruthless.  Later, I argued that her role as an enabler of Bill Clinton's philandering wouldn't matter vis-à-vis the 2016 election wouldn't matter.  I think liberals have already figured that out and have moved on to defending her ruthlessness.  In a gender-warfare-based defense, it has already started at the Washington Post. And then some.

Kathleen Parker writes:
To some, she is an intelligent woman who has weathered a 20-year assault with relative grace. To others, she’s a pushy broad whose dagger gaze reminds them of a disapproving teacher, or worse. Guess which ones are women and which are men...

What Blair’s papers mostly reveal is that Hillary Clinton is a human being who was deeply hurt and humiliated by the Lewinsky affair — and that she is sometimes profane in private. Men, we admit, are less secretive, often hurling their epithets in public — even sometimes on the Senate floor.

We also learn that Hillary once referred to Lewinsky as a “narcissistic loony toon,” which by most books is a charitable observation.

Perhaps the more apt metaphor for this week’s buzz isn’t a movie after all but double jeopardy. The case of Hillary, Bill and Monica has been prosecuted and then some. Thus all, especially Hillary, have been politically inoculated against further prosecution on this point. Besides, as some apparently need reminding, Hillary was the victim.
She manages to argue both the ruthless meme and uses the victim card to counter the enabler meme all the while playing gender warfare politics in just a few short paragraphs.  As a blogger, I'm jealous of her talent.  But forgiveness isn't really part of what Parker is all about.  She's been defending Hillary for a while.  She clearly doesn't view Hillary as requiring forgiveness.  Rather for her, this is all about a female liberal Democrat winning the next presidential election at all costs.  Pull out all of the stops and sanity be damned.

It's no coincidence that the rush to Hillary's defense is immediate.  It stands as stark contrast to the drubbing Chris Christie took in the media but also from within his own Republican party.  If that contrast does not fill you with trepidation for 2016, it should.  Not only do Democrats have the media on their side, they've got their act together when it comes to politics.  Republicans and conservatives, no longer dependable allies, will get trounced competing against that if they don't smarten up.  It won't even matter if Hillary is the Democratic nominee.

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