June 5, 2013

Democrat Jim McDermott blames victims in IRS scandal

The worst thing a defense attorney can do is blame the victim.  "You were sexually assaulted?  You shouldn't have worn that provocative dress."  Make no mistake, at the Ways and Means Committee hearings on the IRS scandal, Democrat commission members are acting like defense attorneys.  Congressman McDermott is clearly blaming the victim.

I don't want to show the video because it is frankly offensive. But here's the pertinent details via Breitbart;
Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) offered a bizarre defense of the IRS's behavior at a House Ways and Means hearing on Tuesday morning, amounting to an attack on the Tea Party and conservative organizations present as potential money-launderers seeking a tax break from the government, not the exercise of their basic rights.

If the IRS scandal lacked a bully figure, it has one now. McDermott repeated the same attacks on 501(c)4 organizations that other Democrats have recycled in their talking points since the scandal began. But he made the mistake of attacking the witnesses--and misrepresenting the testimony of at least one in particular. All of them, he said, were before Congress because they had been seeking tax subsidies; but as Dr. John Eastman of the National Organization for Marriage--already a tax-exempt organization--had just testified, his specific complaint was about the apparently criminal leak of their donors' names to a liberal organization.
On the other hand, there have been some spirited calling-to-task reprimands from  Republicans in the way the Democrats on the committee are in damage control mode and not their to solve the problem.

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