December 30, 2012

Succinct Summary of 2012

In short, 2012 sucked from a conservative perspective.  America re-elected the wrong guy.  If all you want to read is the headline, you can stop there.  But slightly less succinct is the following summary.

There were some horrible shootings in Connecticut and Colorado.   While this part is not news, liberal Democrats blamed the guns rather than the shooters. 

Republicans nominated a weak nominee in one Mitt Romney.  While this part was completely predictable, many conservatives thought on the strength of one VP selection, one conservative speech and one good debate soundly defeating Obama, he was suddenly a cinch to win the White House.

Not Mayans, it's Democrats' debt that flood America.
Despite massive unemployment and crushing new Obama-induced debt, President Obama won the White House, proving many polls correct and many polls wrong.  What happened to the polls?  Predictably Republicans were left scratching their heads.

Meanwhile Republicans maintained control of the Congress and Democrats kept the Senate.   America, foolishly voted for the status quo.  Foolishly? Yes, because...

Finally, the fiscal cliff on the Bush Tax rates and government spending cap and the sequester mandated cuts to the military and social programs looms with only days left to reach an agreement.  President Obama seems to be fine with the cliff diving.  He has tactical reasons to be okay with it.  Meanwhile Republicans will not come out of this looking good.  They look disorganized, they're still being unfairly portrayed as the party looking out for the rich rather than for everyone, and they are going to get caught seemingly reactive to new plans from the president.

Meanwhile in foreign affairs, the world became a much less safe place because president Nobel Peace Prize,  Captain Capitulate & Apologize just doesn't get it.  Everything else, from the Mayan Apocalypse to Whitney Houston is not that relevant. 

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