November 7, 2012

WTF America? You just woke up with a national alcohol induced tattoo.

Face palm.
So many things to say, and nothing to say. One is tempted to say sayonara America, you've signed your own death warrant. But no. The country may be continuing on the wrong path but it hasn't reached the end of  that path just yet. Giving up now would be an act of both betrayal and cowardice.

There are things that can still be done and need to be done. The fiscal cliff did not fly away on a unicorn. Obamacare needs more exceptions (i.e. Everyone).

Republicans and conservatives and libertarians ALL need to re-think things. What went wrong? It needs to be answered. How do we de-hypnotize the electorate? Why didn't the GOP win the senate? What did Romney do wrong? What did the Tea Party do wrong? What should the GOP in Congress do now? And what about all the what-ifs - how close did we really come to sending Obama packing? What does this mean for the Supreme Court? So many questions that all boil down to one.

How do we save America from itself? Unfortunately a re-run of the soul searching from 2008 means that the last 4 years were mostly wasted time.

But I for one intend to re-tackle those hard questions one by one. The nickel-plated lining for me is that I will have plenty to write about for some time to come.

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