November 14, 2012

Premature conclusions

A post about why I'm not posting.  Sorta.

One of the advantages of being so busy with my day job is that I haven't been able to post my post-election thoughts.  It may be a good thing.  The reason that is an advantage is because there's a rush to judgement by winners and losers alike.  Some of those initial conclusions are heat-of-the-moment incorrect conclusions.  Taking time to reflect gives us time to really consider the validity of the conclusions.  

I've got a dozen half-finished posts that are parked waiting for completion.  But I wrote them quickly as the thoughts came to mind.  A bit of aging brings some opportunity to reflect on their validity.  That's not a bad thing.  The last election I waited months before I posted a series on what the McCain campaign did wrong.  The luxury of time,  provided greater opportunity to coalesce my thoughts into a sensible (at least I think so) coherent discussion.

Another advantage is that the thoughts don't get lost in the cacophony of post-election opinion.  There's so much opinion out there right now about what Republicans should be doing, or not doing, in light of Romney's loss.  Much of it might be absolutely correct, but it doesn't matter if the correct course gets lost in the noise.  

The conclusions will come, and hopefully be better for the wait.

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