November 6, 2012

Obama T-0.

T minus zero on Obama's first term (less the lame duck portion).  If Republican and conservative prognostications hold, Obama is toast. But are they right?  Is this it for the failed Obama presidency or will the "dog-ate-my-homework" president get an extension?

Nothing is certain.  I've got butterflies in my stomach since the national polling has tightened over the last stretch and actually show Obama ahead in the RCP average.  The partisan skew of the polls doesn't matter - nerves are on edge.  I started this blog 4 years ago in response to the Obama win in 2008 (actually a little earlier, but the win prompted me to dedicate a lot of effort to it).  I've consciously been a conservative since 1980, when I was still a kid.  Seeing Obama win against a weak Republican opponent, though was an immediate alarm bell and spurred me into action.  It's not clear that I've made any difference at all.

The one certainty is that conservatives need to GO VOTE today.  

For so many on the right, the last four years have been a failure. Rush Limbaugh wanted Obama to fail.  He didn't fail get his policies in place, but he did fail the country. The only way conservatives can get America to course-correct is to vote.

I'll be on Twitter tonight commenting on what's happening.  See you there.

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