November 24, 2012

Instructive Links - oppression edition

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I've been travelling this week and unable to blog. There's so much to blog about but my energy level is still a bit low.  Fear not, there are well over 100 million blogs out there, and there are at least 80 or so blogs that frequently provide gold. I've got links to a few of them today.

Oppression is a bad thing.  Liberals live by it.  In their defense, many do so unknowingly. Covert oppression in the form of political correctness and groupthink, fostered by a same-songbook media - from the news to movies to other venues like public education - covert oppression exists all around us.  Overt oppression is harder to find in America, though it does exist, mostly at a governmental level.  Neither is good.

Here's some links to some good blog reading this weekend, with a focus on the perils of oppressive societies.

Socialism in pictures - for those who know no better, a good post showing the not so joyous life of a socialist 'paradise'.

What happens when you replace a dictator with an Islamofascist dictator?  This.

Not exactly a blog, The Blaze has a story about what socialism does to people from the eyes of a non-Soros Hungarian success story.

The failings of big government - all jacket, no bombers.

It's the Russian gulag for punk protest band.

Why is groupthink is dangerous?  It leads to oppression.

Why is mob rule is dangerous? It leads to oppression.

Ben Franklin said it best:
Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

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