October 14, 2012

Walking Dead Obama Ad

The season premier of The Walking Dead on AMC tonight is likely going to be a record setter in terms of AMC shows if not cable shows in general.  It would not seem unreasonable to run an ad during the episode. Indeed, president Obama ran an anti-Romney ad during the episode.  The ad questions whether you can trust Mitt Romney in the White House if you couldn't trust him during the presidential debate - where he cleaned Obama's clock.

The obvious irony that president Obama's chances of re-election are starting to resemble the walking dead, is not likely to be lost on a lot of viewers.  But what is most striking is that the president and his campaign seem even more desperate because of this move.  Running an ad that people are likely to not notice, despite the venue, because of the juxtaposition, doesn't radiate strength.  It comes across as a cry for attention.

It's made worse by the fact that the ad tries to peddle the fact that the only reason Mitt Romney won was because he was dishonest.  But if you recall the debate, Romney refuted Obama's claims not with one fact per claim, but often two or three.  He was prepared, e knew his stuff.  Obama claiming after the fact that Romney cheated seems quite desperate.  That's especially true in light of the fact that people know the debate they saw, and Obama lost, and the polling shows it.  

The president seems desperate, and that's certainly a sign of the walking dead.  If the president wants to turn things around, he has to win the next debate.  A well-placed ad that's weak on substance isn't going to do it.

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