October 6, 2012

Important happenings

Coming into the home stretch of the 2012 election cycle, and hopefully the Obama presidency, I've suddenly  but not unexpectedly, gotten pretty busy with a tense work situation.  Consequently I've had far less time over the past week or so to blog about some pretty important events and situations than I'd really hoped to be able to discuss.  Nevertheless it's important to point out for the less informed among the American electorate, so I'm still striving to do my part.  That's true even though readers here are typically very well informed and the uninformed voters don't know this blog exists among the 150 million other blogs on the planet, a third of which I'm sure are probably odes to Justin Beiber.

Here are the recent critical events that I'm talking about, squeezed into one post.

Romney won the debate.  There's no denying that, conservatives saw it, liberals saw it and apparently even Obama saw it (eventually).  The RNC took the opportunity to point out what a rout it was.  Without resorting the UH counter:

Of course that has led to a lot of liberal spin.  Al Gore for example actually claimed it was due to Obama's lack of acclimatization to the high altitude of Denver.  You know he had to get climate in there somewhere.

But the thing that dumbfounds me is that these same liberals were lowering expectations of voters in the days leading up to the debate as a fail safe.  They said Romney has had more practice and would be sharper.  It turns out they were right. Now they are trying to disavow those prior claims and say that Romney cheated by using a hanky with answers written on it.  Lame. Shameful too.

Meanwhile you can expect to see a slight poll bounce for Romney and a re-tightening of the race.  You can also expect to see another liberal onslaught on his character, and a better-prepared Obama in round two.

Which leads to another important happening, two days after Obama was routed, the jobs numbers came out and the numbers look very, VERY odd.  With 114,000 jobs added in September and roughly 150,000 new jobs needed to keep up with population growth every month, how does the unemployment rate go down from 8.1% to 7.8%?  That's either an outlier survey or as many suspect, the White House is pressuring the BLS to cook the numbers.  Even liberal MSNBC had some suspicion:

What makes conservatives suspicious is the timing of the suddenly "wonderful" jobs report.  It came out on schedule, but the numbers look incredibly fishy.  Don't be surprised if there is an upward revision in the coming weeks.

Another important event that didn't get picked up by the mainstream media - Univision broke the Fast and Furious scandal open even more, and the mainstream media does not care.

U.S.-based, Spanish-speaking TV network, Univision, recently aired a shocking expose of the Obama administration’s Obama administration’s gun running program — called Fast & Furious —  a policy that has ended up in the murder of hundreds of Mexican citizens. Despite this blockbuster report on Obama’s disastrous program and the new accusations that 16 teens were killed by Obama’s guns, neither ABC, CBS, nor NBC have yet said a word during their own news broadcasts about Univision’s report.

This news blackout is most surprising because the Univision report is so fraught with political repercussions both domestically as well as concerning foreign relations between the United States and Mexico. Yet neither of the big three nets seems interested to report on this story.
The most shocking incident of murder and destruction by narco-terrorists using Obama’s guns was the attack on a birthday party attended by dozens of teenagers.
And finally, the terror attack in Benghazi is still being hush-hushed by the administration.  They finally have admitted it was a terror attack, but that didn't come until well after it was off the front page.  There are serious problems brewing in the Middle East that the president has absolutely no handle on. Romney sums it up well.

If Obama wins re-election after all of this, I fear it really is over for America.

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