October 30, 2012

America needs a Republican senate

For those Libertarians among us who think the GOP is just a lighter shade of bad than the Democrats let me re-phrase it.  American needs a far less progressive-liberal-enabling senate.  I'll be posting some modest efforts at support for various GOP senate nominees over the next few days.  Not all of them are stellar conservatives, and I don't endorse all of them with equal fervor.  But in the bigger picture, their elections are important.

Republicans need to prove themselves to be fiscally minded.  Democrats will not do it.  The GOP needs a chance to convince people that they mean what they are saying on taxes, debt, health care etc.  And America needs to take a chance on the party and given them the opportunity to show people that they mean what they are saying.  That's because America needs a lifeline right now.

The alternative is to enable more taxation, more debt, more regulation and to put a final stranglehold on the American innovative spirit.

This is important.  This is critical. 

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