July 11, 2012

Some more two word opinions

Two cents in two words.
I've been busy at work preparing for my upcoming vacation, and some other exciting personal stuff, so posting this week has been lagging.  But it's never too late for some quick two word opinions.

The Congress has voted, for the 33rd time to repeal some (or in this case for the second time, all) of Obamacare.  Keep going.

Victor Davis Hanson suggest Mitt Romney needs to get specific on his plans for taking the country forward. Too early.

Mitt Romney got booed during a speech for the NAACP when he talked about repealing Obamacare. Outreach, rebuffed.

President Obama claims that Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is no threat to the United States.  Kidding, right?

The next 'big' liberal anti-banking scandal story to break will be over Britain's interest-rate fixing scandal. Not really.

Gallup has reported that Americans' confidence television news has reached an all-time low. Well, DUH!

That's enough of a quick hit for now.  I'll be back soon.  If you are planning to comment, see if you can do it in two words or less...

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