July 20, 2012

Aurora Colorado tragedy is just that

Some things are apolitical and should remain so. Things seldom remain apolitical though. It didn't take long for politicians and the media to start chiming in on the shootings today in Aurora, Colorado.

This, from ABC, disguised though it may be, is still a political point made i a story where the emphasis should be entirely on the loss of life and the devastation, pain and suffering that the unfortunate victims and their families have endured and will endure.
But, ultimately violent acts by people intent on doing as much damage as they can and with easy access to firearms is unavoidable.
(emphasis added)

That is indeed a political statement. The implicit message is that maybe easy access to firearms is the problem. It ignores the fact that millions of Americans with 2nd Amendment protection and access to firearms behave entirely responsibly and are both crime-free and accident-free. This is not an issue of easy access to firearms, it is an issue of a deranged individual, not the only one in the country, who would have even with restricted access to firearms, still have committed a heinous crime.

These types of tragedies are unavoidable, but thankfully, rare. This tragedy is just that, a tragedy. It is not a political fallout, and it is certainly not time to make something political out of this. Save that debate for later, if you must try to turn this into a political issue, but now is not the time.

UPDATE: Apparently there's another, more glaring instance of politicization that I was not aware happened. Mary Katherine Ham at Hot Air notes that on air personalities at ABC erroneously linked the shooter to the Tea Party. I`m sure they ghoulishly hoped the link was credible, or they would have have reported that as unverified.

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